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The historical moment that we live today allows us a new vision about the communities, groups and human societies. Thus arises the urgent necessity of a specific preparation to form the new generations. Using the view of Ethics or ethical systems that sees the relationship between individuals and their peers at a particular historical moment, we can analyze the moral and material conditions that explain the circumstances and the conjuncture involved. Thus, it is considered an ethical attitude, going in the essence of things, identifying the concepts not to be confused with common sense. Therefore, the present work is an approach in Institutional Psychology, having as presuppositions the Political and Social Psychology, to perform an analysis of the discourse of the São Paulo Stock Exchange (Bovespa). The problem to be studied is to find out what are the implicit objectives and explicit objectives of this stock exchange, and how such content is experienced by the board and its employees, because it is in the study of these levels, which in general are not coincident, that If you discover the symptoms of the institution. The hypothesis raised is that Bovespa is an anxiety-provoking organization, because it is in constant transformation, thus not allowing certain behaviors and norms to be repeated. The method used will be the historical method, investigating the origins in the past of the institution, since the procedure method is a more concrete stage of the investigation, being restricted to a more general explanation of the phenomena and consequently less abstract. The research will be qualitative, having as an instrument of data collection the interview, because this is a technical instrument of investigation. This interview will be held with the organization's board of directors, since this is the sector that makes the decisions of the Stock Exchange. The conclusions and results have not yet been obtained, as the research is still ongoing.

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Quinta cedo...

Mais um dia que se inicia. CPTM lotada, metrô na região próxima a Bovespa com ar condicionado, escada rolante com mensagens pedindo para deixar a esquerda livre.

Mais de dez anos pesquisando o mercado financeiro.

E o que é a Análise do Discurso da Bovespa?

Sei de uma coisa. Não consigo responder isso de forma breve ou com uma fórmula simples ou mesmo complexa.

Apenas ainda espero descobrir uma forma de conseguir uma editora que acredite que vale a pena investir um ano para que as caixas e mais caixas que tenho de textos, revistas e livros se torne uma obra que contribua para a humanidade e a Ciência como um todo.

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